The path to a smarter community is you.

Get Smart.  Be Empowered.

Connected Insights knows that to create a smarter social engine, we need to create a network of smart resources and empower the passion driving our leaders.  Our projects are conceived to provide the social sector with insights and valuation and enrich impact narratives and strategy.   


Digital Inclusion Coalitional Data Strategy and System

Connected Insights in partnership with PCs for People is developing a new and original client management software platform for the tracking of Digital Inclusion programs and services.  To create the platform, Connected Insights conducted an environmental scan of each partner organization’s program structure, convened a steering committee comprised of all stakeholders, and developed APIs to meet each specific organization need.


Digital Inclusion Community Impact Visualization Dashboard

Connected Insights partnered with the  Urban Health Initiative and Live Stories to build on the data collected through the Digital Inclusion Coalitional Data System to integrate a visualization platform (Live Stories) that allows users to pair aggregate Digital Inclusion program data with community statistics collected and available through Health Data Matters, the Census, and the FCC and create live visualized and embeddable stories of local and regional impact.

Digital Inclusion Strategic Data Analysis

Connected Insights extracts value from data by:

1.    Identifying compelling and relatable stories about the transformative power of digital skills and connectivity.

2.    Identifying strategic opportunities for increasing existing or generating new value through program collaboration with local government, other organizations, associations, or philanthropic entities.

3.    Identifying development opportunities only available through collaboration among coalition partners and our network of supporting institutions.

Digital Inclusion Awareness Campaign

Connected Insights leverages data and insights gleaned from the Digital Inclusion Coalitional Data System to create a set of public-facing and directed narratives that communicate the personal, community, and financial value of supporting digital inclusion efforts in Cleveland and beyond.

Data and Evaluation Strategies: A Workshop Series

Connected Insights will offer a series of low-cost, group workshops on how to develop an organizational data strategy that will answer common questions such as:

  1. Why organizations should go digital.
  2. What value can a data strategy offer?
  3. Why is data worth investing staff time and money in?
  4. How and where do I start thinking about data?
  5. What staff skills do I need to implement a data strategy?
  6. What tools do I need to use data?

Participants will also gain access to an online peer and mentor evaluation working group where they can ask questions and discuss challenges with other workshop participants.

Evaluation Planning Resources

This project makes publicly available free evaluation planning resources (guides, worksheets, templates) for use by social service organizations and nonprofits running community programs who want to better use data to manage and communicate the impact of their efforts.