Transform Your Data Collection


DITTO is a first-of-its-kind, cloud-based data collection program created to help community organizations collect participant demographics, class information, enrollment tracking, staff management, participant attendance, training hours, and completion status. While it was designed for the digital inclusion community, the usefulness of this program extends to any non-profit organization looking to accurately track enrollment data, attendance, or participant demographics.

DITTO stands for Digital Inclusion Technology Training Outcomes. The first version was created for the same reason most incredibly useful things are- because it was needed. In 2009, Samantha Schartman designed DITTO to support the Connect Your Community program, a 19 million dollar stimulus project that included 100 staff members in 5 different states, all running digital literacy classes. With only two full-time administrators, keeping track of the relevant data and productive outcomes became overwhelming. and thus DITTO was born. The CYC program, which ended in 2013, became nationally recognized as one of the best documented Digital Inclusion programs. So it made sense that when the National Digital Equity Center in Maine started planning its statewide initiative launch and looking for a partner to help track their expected massive amounts of data, they came to Schartman for help, and DITTO was reborn. Now we are proud to offer DITTO to all organizations, especially ones that may not have the kind of funding needed for the customization of expensive CRM programs like Sales Force.

We believe that accurate, specific data tracking and evaluation is key to the success of any non-profit. Not only does this type of data collection help organizations apply for and justify funding, it can help you find areas of opportunity in which to serve participants better. Track who is coming to your classes, and when. Analyze follow-up information, such as employment or community access. DITTO not only makes collecting this data easy for any volunteer or staff member, it can also help administrators organize their staff, schedule community events, and see their data framed within the national conversation.

DITTO is priced to be easily affordable for any non-profit organization, large or small. The mission of Connected Insights is to offer useful resources and tools to improve your data management, gathering, and use. We want to help you succeed! Only 300/year gives you unlimited access and use of the DITTO system. Assistance with set-up, training, or data analytics can also be provided at an extra charge, decided on a case-by-case basis.

Our DITTO Partners

Connected Insights if proud to have the following organizations as part of our DITTO family:

  • National Digital Equity Center, Maine

  • ASC3, Cleveland

  • Digital C, Cleveland

  • Kansas City Public Library, Missouri

  • Computer Reach, Pennsylvania

  • Community Tech Network, Texas & California

  • City of Louisville, Kentucky

  • City of Detroit, Michigan

What Can DITTO Do?

  • Easily organize project locations and teams.

  • Create a database of program participants and their information profiles.

  • Track attendance and follow-up information.

  • Schedule classes or events with accurate, organized calendars.

  • Analyze your data. See what’s working and what’s not.

  • Simple to use and volunteer-friendly.

  • Only $300/year gives your organization unlimited use and access to the DITTO system.

Download the DITTO Training Manuals

DITTO Administrator Manual

DITTO Supervisor Manual

Watch founder and CEO Samantha Schartman’s lightning round presentation about DITTO at Net Inclusion 2019.

Not ready to adopt DITTO but want to your voice to a national choir?

Join The Connected Insights Digital Inclusion Data Trust.

Both DITTO and non-DITTO users can choose to opt in to the Connected Insights Digital Inclusion Data Trust at no charge. If you are a digital inclusion practitioner who would like to share your evaluation, outcomes, and metrics with us, we will use your data in aggregate to help promote a national advocacy perspective. We will never single out individuals, and all information is kept under a tight security protocol. This is our opportunity as a national community to start pulling our numbers together, creating a complete picture of digital advocacy impact.

Click Here to learn more about the Connected Insights Digital Inclusion Data Trust.

What DITTO Looks Like


Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 9.03.48 AM.png

Organize Classes

The easy-to-use interface helps your staff organize classes, schedule volunteers, and enroll participants. Get a simple, straightforward picture of what locations, times, and types of classes are your most successful, and never find yourself scrambling to find out who belongs where again.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 7.55.04 AM.png

Access and Evaluate Participant profiles

In the world of non-profits, demographic tracking is key to funding. You have to be able to show who exactly you are helping, and what kind of impact your organization is making. DITTO makes it easy to organize basic information about clients, create specialized metrics particular to your field, and track follow-up information such as accessibility or returning clients. This information can then also be used to evaluate your organization’s community strategy, tailoring your approach to what works best for the population you serve. Because it’s not just about the money, it’s about creating the biggest impact you can.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 9.54.25 AM.png

Manage Staff Within Your Organization

DITTO isn’t just for tracking participant data. It can also organize your staff, instructors, and volunteers, with all their information and preferences in one easy place. Send team messages or news announcements to the entire group with a few simple clicks. Make it easy for your staff and volunteers to see what’s happening when and where, as well as their own assignments. We designed DITTO specifically to be simple to learn, so that even the most newbie volunteer can use it.

Multiple organizations are already using DITTO to help their organizations thrive.

Contact us today to see how easily DITTO can work for you too.