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What We're Looking Forward to at Net Inclusion 2019

The annual Net Inclusion conference starts Monday, and it’s a big time of year. Not only are we excited to hear new ideas about promoting digital inclusion from people around the country, we’re also psyched to start spreading the word about DITTO!

You can take a look at the full schedule of speakers and events here. But here’s a few that we’re particularly looking forward to….

Monday, April 1st

Radical Innovation in Digital Justice: A New Model for Private-Public Partnerships and Community Development: Katherine Trujillo, Deputy Director of Libraries Without Borders, will moderate a panel of speakers that include Lydia Collins from the National Library of Medicine, Shauna Edson, Digital Inclusion Coordinator at the Salt Lake City Public Library, and Seth Ervin, Chief Innovation Officer at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library. Libraries have been the backbone of the Digital Inclusion movement from the beginning, and no one understands the hurdles created by lack of access better than your local librarian.

Connected Insights board member Bill Callahan will also be a speaker at Using Broadband Data to Address Local Questions, which is all about finding resources to answer questions from local governments and investors about a community’s network environment, issues, and areas of opportunity. But the workshop is already at max capacity, so good luck getting in.

Tuesday, April 2nd

Gathering and Using Data for Digital Inclusion Program Management and Evaluation: Connected Insights founder Samantha Schartman will be speaking about DITTO and other tools for accurate data collection, along with a panel of other data wizards from around the country. Obviously, you know how we feel about our data!

And addressing something that’s increasingly on our minds as 2019 marches on, Advocating for and Supporting an Accurate Census 2020 Count, moderated by Sabrina Roach from the Alliance for Community Media, will talk about ways that digital inclusion programs can support getting the most accurate census count possible from the communities that need funding representation the most. The census will determine for years going forward where government funding goes, and paint a portrait of our country that needs to be as accurate as possible. The first step to addressing problems is to see them clearly, and as the debacle with FCC maps has taught us, bad data can hurt communities for years.

Wednesday, April 3rd

Stop in and see Samantha at Lightning Round 3, where she’ll be presenting about Connected Insights and DITTO, along with other national innovators.

And then we’ll see you at the Closing Plenary, where we will all learn the contents of the upcoming Digital Equity Act, and how it can shape state investment in digital equity going forward. We’ve been waiting for a minute to hear exactly what this proposed legislation will contain, so you’ll for sure hear more about it when we get back.

And then it’s back to sunny Cleveland. It’s going to be a busy whirlwind next week, but please reach out and say hi!