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Where Does Digital Inclusion Fit in Tomorrow's Election?

Hey, don’t forget, it’s time to vote! Early voting and absentee ballot requests were way up for this…let’s just say divisive…midterm, but if you didn’t have a chance to cast your vote already, there’s always the good ol’ polling centers tomorrow! We know, you’ve heard a million times this past month to go vote, but saturated Facebook feeds aside, it is still very important.

In Ohio, we’re electing a new governor, and the real race is between Richard Cordray and Mike DeWine. Dewine is a past Ohio Senator and the current Ohio Attorney General (brief aside: John Oliver has a good piece about the importance of State AGs up right now.) Cordray has a long career in Ohio politics as well. He’s also been Ohio Attorney General, as well as Solicitor General, Treasurer, and the first Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Digital inclusivity has, unfortunately, not been discussed much this midterm, which is a big loss for both parties as broadband connectivity is a very nonpartisan issue, affecting both rural and urban areas greatly. But over at the Connect Your Community blog, there are two great posts outlining each candidate’s positions and possible actions when it comes to digital equality.

You can read Cordray’s position here.

You can read DeWine’s position here.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Cordray, the Democrat, supports local government initiatives, and DeWine, the Republican, supports more private sector partnerships. However, take the time to familiarize yourself with what those positions might actually mean for Ohio’s next few years. No matter who our future governor is, he will be struggling with a population that boasts one of the worst connectivity rates in the country, with a rapidly aging population who are desperately out of touch with basic online services, and a younger demographic that cannot access the resources they need for education and jobs.

If you would like to see sample ballots, or find your closest polling location, visit the Cuyahoga Board of Elections. And we’ll see you at the polls tomorrow!