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Where to Spend Your Money on #GivingTuesday

Obviously, we think donations to your favorite nonprofits should come year round and not just on a weird, arbitrary hashtag day. But #GivingTuesday has quickly become a holiday season tradition, and a great opportunity to learn about some organizations you might not know.

We’ve picked four great organizations to highlight, from the national to the local. But there are thousands of worthy recipients out there. Take a few minutes to google who is running #GivingTuesday campaigns in your own neighborhood, and even if you’re already stretched out for today, there’s always next Tuesday, and the one after that. Making tax deductible donations is a great way to prep for tax season too.

  1. NTEN

    A national organization located in Portland, OR, NTEN’s mission is bringing technology to nonprofits. NTEN provides education and support to nonprofit professionals through tech education, fellowships, and continuing programming. One of their biggest initiatives is the Digital Inclusion Fellowship Program. These fellowships are awarded to people working in their communities who are digital inclusion champions. Throughout the course of the one year project-based fellowship, NTEN provides training, guidance, and peer evaluation, to help nonprofits develop innovative, dynamic ways to carry on the digital inclusion fight.

    Read more about NTEN’s mission and how you can support them here.

  2. Public Knowledge

    Public Knowledge’s mission statement is to promote freedom of expression, open internet, and access to affordable tools. They primarily run campaigns targeting specific communications policies, such as rural broadband access, copyright law, monopolies, and net neutrality. Their giving campaign is appropriately tagged the #FightforFairness, and past donations have gone to challenging net neutrality in court, creating a sustainable public domain for sound recordings, and creating the Broadband Connects America coalition.

    Read more about Public Knowledge and how to donate here.

  3. Connected Nation

    Connected Nation is actually a network of several state by state broadband programs, with initiatives in 36 states nationwide (and Puerto Rico!) When they started in 2001, they were Connected Kentucky, but following the success of their programs, they soon expanded to help connect digital inclusion advocates all over the country. The areas their programs cover run the whole gamut, from digital inclusion, to education, digital literacy, and job training. Their mission is that everyone should have a chance to improve their lives, and equal broadband access is key to that.

    Read more about what Connected Nation is doing in your state and how you can donate here.

  4. Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center, Cleveland, OH

    This is a special local one for us here. ASC3, as it’s known, is a beta testing site for Connected Insight’s new data collection program, DITTO, and full disclosure, several of our board members are involved with it. But after all those national programs, it’s important to remember that the hardest work is being done right down the street from you, in your own city and neighborhood. Since 2001, ASC3 has been offering free digital literacy classes, training, and computer access to community residents, with a special emphasis on older and mature adults. They also help connect residents with Mobile Citizen internet access, and recently launched the Connect2Lead program, an intensive 15 hour course that helps community volunteers and leaders learn how to maximize their efforts through technology.

    The 26th Annual "Evening With the Stars" Awards Banquet and Holiday Gala, with proceeds going to ASC3, will be happening Dec. 8th, so if you’d like to come meet some of the people at the forefront of digital inclusion in Cleveland, make plans to come. Tickets can be purchased here. And if you can’t make the gala, you can read more about ASC3’s mission and how to donate here.

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